Aqua Cleaning Supplies

An aquarium is a living, breathing biosphere.  As such, it will require cleaning and maintenance to keep it healthy, just as any living organism requires.  However, as aquariums have so many elements, your cleaning routine will encompass numerous tasks.  Maxi Zoo stocks everything you need, including:

• Nets to skim debris from the water

• Gravel cleaners to clear up any debris that managed to embed

• Glass wipes specifically designed for your Aquarium glass

Algea magnets to help keep water clear

• Plus more!!!

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  • Hagen

  • JBL


TIP #1

Use an aquarium scrubber to wipe down the sides of the aquarium – regularly remove any unsightly algae, slime or mould.

TIP #2

Gravel cleaners keep the substrate clean by sifting through and removing uneaten food and other tank debris.

TIP #3

Some fish breeds are handy little helpers in that they will eat the algae in the tank! Examples are Loaches, Chinese Algae Eaters, Hermit Crabs and several types of Catfish.


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