Aqua Gravels and Substrates

Gravels and substrates are a vital element in any tank.  Not only do they set the colour tone, they also influence the quality of the water and the lives of the fish.  Like any element of an aquarium, numerous considerations factor into individual tank needs.  Maxi Zoo pet advisors can help you choose what you need from our selection of:

• Natural coloured gravel for an authentic surrounding

• Coloured gravels in a rainbow of shades, for the more adventurous fish owner!

• Aqua sands and specialized gravels for use with live plants

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your fish’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts


  • Dennerle

  • JBL

  • Pettex

  • Rosnerski

  • Tetra


TIP #1

Using gravel the same colour as your goldfish can wash their colour out. Try dark colours instead to complement and enhance your goldfish. 

TIP #2

Unless the gravel specifically states that it is prewashed, you must rinse your gravel thoroughly before adding to a tank. Rinsing should be done with water only, without soaps or detergents.

TIP #3

Try angling your gravel so it is higher in the back and sides of the aquarium. This forces debris to fall to the front centre of the tank where it can be cleaned easily


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