Aqua Heaters

Fish are cold blooded and do not produce their own body heat, they rely instead on the water to maintain their body temperature.  Therefore, it is vital that you provide not only the species appropriate, but also a stable, temperature at all times.  Maxi Zoo carries a variety of heating solutions, including:

• Lower wattage bulbs (starting at 25W) for smaller tanks

• Higher wattage bulbs (up to 300W) for larger tanks

• Suction cups and clips to aid in both heater and cord placement

• Plus more!!!


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  • Hagen

  • JBL


TIP #1

Goldfish can survive for a limited time in cold and freezing waters by slowing the body processes to a hibernation-like state.

TIP #2

Place submersible heaters on the bottom of the tank rather than the top, to ensure heating reaches all levels of the aquarium

TIP #3

Heating must be neither too strong nor too weak for your tank, both can cause issues

TIP #4

Submersible heaters should be left in the water 15 minutes before switching on, to allow the thermostat to adjust to the tank’s temperature. Never turn on a submersible heater outside of water!


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