Bird Bowls and Feeders

Caged birds don’t require anything extra fancy for their feeding and watering needs; standard bowls and drip bottles will usually suffice.  For the outdoor birds however, there is a wide variety of feeders to choose from, on hanging and stand alone.  Maxi Zoo pet advisors can help you choose your accessories for both indoor and outdoor bird friends, including:

• Stainless steel and plastic bowls in a variety of sizes

• Feeders ranging from short to long, and with a variety of holes

• Cone feeders with food included

• Plus more!!!


TIP #1

Bird bowls should be cleaned on a daily basis to keep food and water fresh.

TIP #2

Birds’ water should be changed about twice a day.

TIP #3

Beware of overfilling feeders that give a constant supply of food, or you could end up with a pudgy budgie!


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