Bird Grooming

Birds, like all animals, benefit from some TLC in keeping healthy, fit and fine looking.  Birds will require far less work than a hairy animal such as cat or dog, but do not overlook your bird’s regimen totally! Maxi Zoo can assist you in your quest for a fine feathered friend with our:

•  Anti-peck sprays to prevent feather pulling

• Anti-mite sprays to prevent vermin and keep the coat healthy

Disinfectant specifically designed to prevent bacteria in areas that birds frequent

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your bird’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts


  • Johnsons

  • Natural


TIP #1

Before grooming your bird, wrap him in a towel. Ideally someone can assist by holding the bird as you groom him.

TIP #2

Never cut too much off a bird’s nails, only trim the tips. Trimming nails prevents snags on the perch, cage and your clothes. Converse with your bird as you trim his nails, for a calming effect

TIP #3

Some owners choose to clip their bird’s wings so they cannot fly away, while others choose to leave them. It is up to each individual owner.

TIP #4

While bathing your bird only use a little water, and do it at the warmest part of the day so they dry quickly.


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