Fascinating underwater worlds

Six good reasons to keep a freshwater aquarium Underwater worlds are fascinating little habitats that will bring new life to any area of your home. Freshwater aquariums are particularly popular among pet owners. Here we’ll tell you why. With an aquarium, you’re bringing a slice of nature into your home, while also doing something good […]

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Keep your fish healthy and colourful with the right food

The golden rules of feeding By ensuring your fish have the right diet, you can keep them healthy and enjoy them for longer. All fish enthusiasts know that when you approach a tank, its inhabitants will congregate at the glass and dance around acrobatically in an effort to attract attention. They will beg for food […]

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Regularly recurring tasks

Maintaining your aquarium Monitor and maintain your aquarium regularly to ensure the well-being of your aquarium fish and plants. We’ll help you gain an overview of the most important tasks. Daily: One of the aquarium owner’s most important tasks is to monitor the equipment daily. The filter, lighting and heating must all be working correctly. […]

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Aquariums for novices – Part 4

In this section you will find valuable information about your cherished pet. Please select the required guide to learn more about your pet and find many helpful tips.

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Aquariums for novices – Part 2

Equip the aquarium – Aquarium for novices Part II Filter systems No clean aquarium without filter. Why – and which you need for your fish is explained here. You need a powerful filter so that your aquarium stays a feast for the eyes. It is its function to maintain the ecological balance in the aquarium […]

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Aquariums for novices – Part 1

Bright shoals of fish dart in and out of and hide behind lush green plants. A well tended aquarium is wonderful to look at and creates a tropical atmosphere wherever it’s placed. In addition to this the gentle sound of the mechanism is relaxing and reduces stress. Those who wish to take up this fascinating hobby should observe a certain points so that the balance of life in their little water world remains stable. The experts from Maxi Zoo answer the most important questions relating to a beginners aquarium.

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Creating the perfect water values

Tropical fish require up to 30 degrees Celsius, while the optimum temperature for cold water fish is below ten degrees in parts. Tip: Measure regularly with an electronic temperature sensor or a thermometer. Increase with a heater. Lower by small ventilators which blow onto the water surface. The winter temperature should generally be a few degrees lower. Always carry out changes carefully.

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Aquariums, choosing your scenery

A pretty underwater landscape is the basis of every aquarium. Maybe it’s the fascinating possibility of being able to create a little world exactly as you envisage that keeps aquarium owners hooked on their hobby for a lifetime. The options are endless. The experts from your local Maxi Zoo can help you find the correct plants and offer helpful tips on caring for them.

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Aquariums, change of scenery

Our scaly friends can enjoy the holiday mood too! Fresh decor with new hidey-holes is exciting for both people and fish. Here’s how you can redesign your aquarium imaginatively for your particular species of fish.

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Aquarium Décor

There is an almost inexhaustible range of decorative elements for aquariums. The animal experts from your local Maxi Zoo explain what it all comes down to.

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