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Feeding wild birds

In cities and in the country, winter is rapidly approaching. Young and old alike love to feed wild birds. This is especially welcomed by Blackbirds, Thrushes, Finches, Robins and other native bird species in the colder months, when their natural food supply is scarce. How can we feed our feathered friends? Find out about the most popular methods from the animal experts at Maxi Zoo

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Cut the fat – Bird Advice

The one thing most people want to get rid of after Christmas is those extra pounds from over-indulging over the festive season. This is also the perfect opportunity to think about the (ideal) weight of your pet…

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Canaries diets

ed canaries require special food which can be bought in the Maxizoo shop. The birds lose the colour of their plumage if they are lacking this nutrient. It is therefore very important that this substance is fed increasingly during moulting.

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Why birds moult

Just like our hair and skin constantly replace itself, birds grow new feathers – and the old has to make room for the new. How often and how fast feathers are replaced differs from species to species.

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Veterinary drugs

Usually you get veterinary drugs from your vet. Vets can not only prescribe medicines but their expertise also entitles them to dispense ready-made veterinary preparations and to prepare medicines at their surgery. This makes sense as special preparations are immediately available when needed.

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Pets and mites

Mites can infest any animal and cause horrible itching. These tiny arachnids are invisible to the naked eye but most are very contagious. This is why it is important to identify mites and prevent them from infesting other animals in your house or circle of friends.

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Intelligence games for Budgies

Our pets like to play for all they’re worth, and not just when they’re young – many dogs, cats, rodents and birds still enjoy playing when they’re older. This is something pet owners should absolutely encourage, because play is more than just great fun: it keeps them fit, youthful and supple, exercises our four-legged friends to the full and trains their physical and mental abilities..

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Fit Budgie

In the long run, excess weight is known to cause health problems—both for people and for budgerigars. To keep your flying, little friends chirpy and fit, make sure they get plenty of exercise and eat well. Above all, staying healthy requires that they fly, fly and fly again!

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Emergency situations

If an animal has injured itself or has been involved in an accident, the owner or the people who find the animal should take it to a vet as quickly as possible. That is the only way to prevent life threatening consequences. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain what people can do in the way of first aid before getting to a vet.

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Cleaning the bird cage

“Housework” is important: next to feeding, cleaning the bird cage is one of the paramount tasks of a bird fancier. That’s because diseases and parasite infestations can only be prevented by maintaining certain standards of hygiene. Ideally, you should get accustomed to taking these duties as standard during the course of your day. If you get in to a regular routine, even “spring-cleaning” the bird cage isn’t a problem.

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Birds and heat stroke

Hot weather can be dangerous for animals, and not just in hot cars – extreme heat is more dangerous than extreme cold for some animals.

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Bird symptoms and treatments

Pet birds can suffer from a multitude of illnesses which have to be treated by the vet. Vet Dr. Stanislav Piliar explains the most important symptoms and counter measures:

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Animals and allergies

Many households are shared with much loved pets that keep the family company and love to be cuddled. One thing that can put a strain on this relationship is an animal allergy. Be it cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rodents or birds – they all have the potential to provoke allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, permanent colds, rashes or asthma.

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Toy tips

C’mon & play! A bird most enjoys playing when its owner joins in… the two-legged team-mate rolls the ball to it, obediently puts the objects (cube, ball, cardboard tube) chucked onto the floor back where they were or pulls on the end of a string while the little joker tampers with the other end.

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The Seventh Sense

Internet forums are full of stories about cats and dogs that appear to possess extraordinary talents. The animal lovers at Maxi Zoo are also familiar with tales of dogs who foresee danger ahead for their masters or mistresses – or of cats who come home as soon as someone is waiting there for them. Could this be the so-called seventh sense?

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Seniors and pets

Dogs, cats, birds & co already enrich the homes of millions of senior citizens. There they provide an antidote against loneliness and boredom. And they’ve been proven to have a positive effect on health. Which animals are the most suitable as pets depends on individual needs and means.

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Saying goodbye – When a pet dies

The life expectancy of most pets is a lot less than that of a person. While cats can live for up to 20 years, dogs can live approximately 10 to 17, budgerigars and canaries up to 12 years and smaller animals and rodents even less. Animal lovers are thus often confronted with the death of a furry friend several times in life. What is the best way to deal with this?

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Photographing your pets

Photos of your pet are a lasting memory. However, sometimes the cat jumps out of the picture quicker than the photographer would like or the black dog can is hardly discernable from the background. The experts from Maxi Zoo know what it all depends on and have compiled the following, easy to implement tips for hobby photographers.

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Pets and Planes, Transport Tips

Every year thousands of pets, mostly dogs or cats, fly away on holiday with their owners. Unfortunately for our furry friends, this is anything but fun and actually rather stressful. This is just one of the reasons that flying with pets requires extensive planning, say the experts from Maxi Zoo.

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Natural products for pets

While the economy and financial markets are in crisis, the bio sector claims to still be growing, because consumers have finally sat up and taken notice. They don’t just want products that are good for their health; they also want the goods they buy to come from sustainable production and livestock husbandry that’s appropriate to the species in question.

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Multiple benefits between pet and owner

In almost every third household in Ireland, pets are keeping people company. They are loyal, cuddly, alert and comical companions and they exert a positive influence on our wellbeing. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how pets can have a positive influence on people of all ages.

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Finding a bird

It’s every bird owner’s nightmare – A bird escapes through a window accidentally left open when they are out of the cage and flies out of sight. The only hope is that someone finds their pet. But finders often don’t know what to do with a bird that has flown in.

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Family planning for birds

When the days are getting longer, for many of our feathered friends such as canaries, parrots and finches, this is a sure sign that it is time to think about the continuation of the species once again. For bird owners, this means deciding whether to make a feathered addition to the family.

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Easter gifts for pets

Easter’s in sight and spring has sprung. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some suitable gift ideas which your pets will love and get them playing exciting “hide and seek” games.

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Christmas ideas for pets

What does the modern household pet get up to on Christmas day? Of course it busies itself with the presents like all the other members of the family! Many pets receive a token from their dear ones on Christmas Day- and often show more gratitude than some others in the family!

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Choosing a pet boarder

Holidays should be fun and refreshing – that goes for people and animals alike. However, young masters and mistresses can’t always spend their holidays with their pets. If there’s no friend, family member or sitter available who can look after your furry friend, then an animal hotel is a good alternative.

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Budgie laying eggs

It’s in the budgie’s nature to lay eggs but rather unusual when they are kept in a cage. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how this comes about and what you can do about an egg-laying compulsion.

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Respecting pets rights

Nowadays we are familiar with lots of types of animal and their natural living environment, but there are other types, such as exotics, that have not been researched enough. Keeping these animals in the right way can sometimes be difficult.

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Children and pets

Most children want a pet to cuddle and play with at some stage. And many parents want to support this, as living with an animal can positively affect their child’s development. But not every animal is suitable for children, particularly small animals, which wrongly can end up in children’s rooms.

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Animals in apartments

Keeping animals in a multiple dwelling – an explosive mixture? The potential for conflict ranges from barking dogs to overflowing dustbins to cat hair allergies. Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on achieving a quiet life for both pet owners and non-pet owners.

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