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Safety on darker days

Even when the days get shorter and it starts to get darker earlier, dogs don’t want to miss out on their evening walk. As a result you need to pay special attention to safety so that you are clearly visible to other road users. Ideally you should wear a safety vest or attach reflectors to […]

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Out in the wilderness then safely back home

For free-roaming cats, there’s nothing better than a full-on adventure in the great outdoors. They love to play, hide and lie in wait in the wilderness for potential prey. So our velvet-pawed pals need to be able to get in and out of the house. A chip-controlled cat flap is the ideal solution for this. […]

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Health care for cats

For cats to stay fit in the long term, their health care should not be neglected. Our checklist will help you to keep track. If we want to keep our pets fit for longer, we need to ensure that they have a healthy diet, the correct care and regular vaccinations. However, a cat’s health care […]

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The health benefits of nutrition

A balanced diet is the best basis for a long, happy and healthy life with plenty of energy. But what exactly does healthy nutrition mean for cats and dogs? We’ve put together the most important facts and tips for you. Anyone who decides to pay more attention to giving their pet a healthy, balanced diet […]

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Top tips for a relaxing holiday season

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are all about traditions, family, friends and gifts. An exciting time – also for our pets. To ensure that everyone enjoys the holidays, we have prepared a few important tips. The time surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve is genuinely challenging for owners and their pets. Visitors arrive, the normal […]

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The feel-good programme for cats

We want our feline friends to feel good and live comfortably in our homes. Here are a few things to take into consideration. Sleeping quarters Cats need plenty of relaxing sleep to recharge both mentally and physically. That said, you don’t need to worry too much about where to position baskets, dens or cushions. Just […]

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What to do if your cat isn’t drinking enough

It is very important to ensure your cat drinks plenty of fluids throughout the summer. Unfortunately, many moggies are exceptionally lazy when it comes to drinking. Our tips will help you turn the wet elixir of life into a tasty treat for your pet. Cats love the warmth and sunshine and revel in the increasing […]

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Your new puppy or kitten is moving in

A bundle of joy with four paws If you’ve made the decision to take home a puppy or a kitten, there is a lot that you need to know, plan for and take into consideration. We’ll help you succeed in building the foundations of a happy life together. Little kittens are particularly cautious and the […]

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Top grooming tips for your pet

Help cats and dogs survive the moulting season Their coat protects cats and dogs from the cold throughout the winter and from dirt and parasites during the summer. To prepare them for the new season our pets moult in the spring and the autumn. If your pet loses a large amount of hair over several […]

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Scents that stimulate cats

Mmmm, does that smell good! Many cats almost feel magically drawn to catnip and valerian. These smells beguile and stimulate cats and encourage them to play. Valerian, lat. Valeriana, has a calming, soporific effect on people. Cats also like this plant, although it has the exact opposite effect on them. While there are approximately 150 […]

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The dangers of sunbathing

The power of the sun can have unpleasant side effects. Just like us, cats and dogs can suffer from sunburn and heatstroke. Here we have the answers to the most important questions regarding symptoms, prevention and first aid in an emergency. Cats and dogs are supposed to have a good instinct for when to stop […]

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When your cat turns into a lounge leopard

Feel good tips for the cold season Most cats aren’t too fond of going outside in autumn and winter. When it’s cold and wet out, they prefer to stay in the warm. This is the perfect time to cuddle up, get cosy and enjoy some time together. Have you ever heard the phrase, “This weather […]

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Play time with your feline friend

The experts at Maxi Zoo know that playing is very important to keep velvet paws fit and healthy, as well as to give them something meaningful to do. But some house cats are real couch potatoes. If your pet only ever sleeps the day away, it’s time to get them moving.  A great way to […]

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Cats and Fireworks at Halloween

No tricks, just treats at Halloween when it comes to Fireworks Adults and children alike look forward to the fireworks on All Hallow’s Eve, when the night sky explodes with colour, but we sometimes forget that a lot of animals suffer terrible anxiety as a result of loud noise and flashing lights. Some animals are so traumatised that […]

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Vet FAQ- Cat hygiene

Here you will find answers by our team of vets to FAQs to frequently asked questions in relation to Cat, Hygiene

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Deciphering cat’s body language

Ouch! Your cat has just been purring peacefully while savouring a cuddle and seconds later, with a swift slash of her claws, she inflicts you with a painful scratch! For precisely this reason, our velvet-pawed friends are often seen as two-faced and devious. But to be fair, we humans often simply don’t know how to interpret the body language of our pet.

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Cat therapy

Cats are highly sensitive animals. They can become traumatised when something bad happens to them or their living conditions change drastically. The vets at Maxi Zoo explain how one can recognise a trauma and give some tips on therapy.

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Litter tips for the discerning cat

Correctly placed and clean litter trays ensure a happy cat. To prevent your cat from going to the toilet anywhere else you should make the litter tray as attractive as possible.

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Inappropriate soiling in cats

Inappropriate defecating or urinating is understood as general refusal or infrequent use of the litter tray to defecate or urinate. When soiling, the cat assumes the normal squatting position with the tail in horizontal position. The amount of urine is significantly higher than for marking purposes.

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Cat toilets

Cats are by nature clean. They hate unpleasant odours and prefer to do their business discretely and undisturbed. Cat owners who stick to a few basic rules will ensure their cat feels comfortable when using their toilet. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain just what these rules are.

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Cat litter

People can be picky about their own bathroom habits, so is it any surprise that cats will be picky about theirs? Choosing a litter can be an important decision, for best chances of pleasing your feline friend, makes sure you know the information necessary to choose the right litter for her, and for you.

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Staying cool in the heat

What do animals do in the wild when they’ve had enough of summer temperatures? They look for a cool, shaded spot to rest out and stop energy sapping activities. But pets in cages or in the car have no chance of protecting themselves against overheating and the sometimes deadly consequences, they are dependent on their owner handling them in a responsible manner

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Fitness for cats

Many people make a variety of good New Year’s resolutions such as improving their fitness, and some make them for their dog or cat. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some tips to help animal lovers help their pets.

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Comfy cats

As every cat owner knows, cats are staunch individualists who love to be pampered, but only when they feel like it. A contented purr or a cat lazily dozing off is the best reward a cat owner could wish for in return for his efforts. Our tips will help you ensure that your little tiger truly feels well in himself.

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Cat’s healthy coat

A nice, shiny coat is taken as a sign of a healthy animal, an animal which is happy and content. Like humans, several factors are relevant when it comes to a cat’s or dog’s health and a shiny and full coat. To prevent hair loss in our pets, we have collated some information on coat condition and tips on how to achieve a nice shiny coat.

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