What kittens want

Four-legged additions to the family should have everything they need when they arrive at their new home. But what does their new family need to provide so that puppies and kittens feel comfortable and secure? The experts from Maxi Zoo know.

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Kittens – Birth through six weeks

Anyone watching how a small kitten makes its way in the world can’t help but be inspired. Clumsily underway on its big paws, tussling with its siblings and soon to be undertaking its first excursion – in the early period up to the fourth month of its life, a kitten develops with breathtaking speed.

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Kittens – Tips for the first year

Who doesn’t find the sight of a little kitten curiously discovering the world for the first time overwhelmingly appealing? Young cats usually move into their new home between the age of eight and twelve weeks. From now on the human parents are responsible for the health and development of their furry charge.

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Kitten food

Kittens are so cute when they traipse around to discover the world and go on hunting excursions. But regardless of how cute the tiny mites and their escapades are, the first few months in their life are no easy play for the little body which is putting on a top performance to transform this tiny being into to proper cat.

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How kittens learn right from wrong

Always make sure when bringing up your cat that you are friendly and consistent, but patient. Don’t punish it, as your cat cannot attribute this and will lose its trust in you. Instead, don’t be short on praise when your tiger behaves as you want it to.

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Common kitten diseases

What can be more endearing than playful, happy kittens? To ensure unhindered development of your little darlings, their proud human parents should tackle the most common kitten hood diseases at an early stage.

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