Which breed? Some popular cat types

The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is a living contradiction: a mystical, magical animal and a down-to-earth mouser, at once a bohemian evolved from the half-wild and a noble beauty queen. A fascinating mixture. Experts from Maxi Zoo present this enchanting creature in more detail.

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Persian cat

The Persian is well known as being the most popular choice of cats there is. This kitty is beautiful, elegant and quite regal. The Persian is a loving, relaxed and very affectionate cat.

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Maine Coon

Anyone who ever sees a Maine Coon Cat will know right away that this is a very unique breed of cat. Impressive at first glance is the racoon-cat’s size and nimbleness, but a closer look reveals a distinct personality, too.

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British Short Hair

The British shorthair is a large and powerful feline. It has a wide chest and short legs, both of which are quite strong. It has a strong neck and a large head. It has medium-sized ears that are set apart, fitting into the contour of the head.

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If you would like a more exotic pet, then maybe a Bengal cat is just what you’re looking for. The bengal is a cross between Asian leopard cats and the common domestic cat. It is quite a large and athletic cat. The Bengal is spotted and covered in short, shiny fur.

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