Cats at home

Out in the wilderness then safely back home

For free-roaming cats, there’s nothing better than a full-on adventure in the great outdoors. They love to play, hide and lie in wait in the wilderness for potential prey. So our velvet-pawed pals need to be able to get in and out of the house. A chip-controlled cat flap is the ideal solution for this. […]

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The feel-good programme for cats

We want our feline friends to feel good and live comfortably in our homes. Here are a few things to take into consideration. Sleeping quarters Cats need plenty of relaxing sleep to recharge both mentally and physically. That said, you don’t need to worry too much about where to position baskets, dens or cushions. Just […]

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Scratching cat tree

Misunderstandings between pets and their owners can really tarnish their relationship. For example many a cat-lover despairs when their velvet-pawed pal scratches their sofa, the walls or other furniture. In doing this, the animal is exhibiting completely normal behaviour.

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Indoor only cat

Cats who never had access to the outside, don’t know the freedom of outdoors. It is questionable whether they actually miss anything. One thing is clear, indoor only cats can be very happy.

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Games to beat cat boredom

“You wouldn’t put a dog out in this weather!” We like to use this expression when it’s snowing, raining, frosty and cold or there’s a storm raging. But in fact, house pets want to be challenged both physically and mentally – and, indeed, regardless of the weather outside.

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Cat Claws

Many a cat owner can tell you a thing or two about this. You just nip into the kitchen for a moment while the little tiger is alone in the living room. On your return, ugly scratch marks already adorn the expensive leather sofa and the foam stuffing is poking out in shreds. Our good couch!

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Cat furniture

Whoever keeps a cat, especially if it’s a true stay-at-home armchair tiger, also needs a scratching tree so that moggie can sharpen her claws regularly. And, quite clearly of course, comfortable sleeping quarters are very, very important. You’ll be spoilt for choice among an abundance of products on offer.

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Cat Balconies

Particularly in cities, the balcony is a welcome change to the snugness of the living room. Experts from Maxi Zoo know just how cat lovers can turn such an outdoor sitting area into a safe paradise for their furry favourites.

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Natural products for pets

While the economy and financial markets are in crisis, the bio sector claims to still be growing, because consumers have finally sat up and taken notice. They don’t just want products that are good for their health; they also want the goods they buy to come from sustainable production and livestock husbandry that’s appropriate to the species in question. That’s why natural and ecological products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and, according to the experts at Maxi Zoo, that includes pet owners.

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