Scents that stimulate cats

Mmmm, does that smell good! Many cats almost feel magically drawn to catnip and valerian. These smells beguile and stimulate cats and encourage them to play. Valerian, lat. Valeriana, has a calming, soporific effect on people. Cats also like this plant, although it has the exact opposite effect on them. While there are approximately 150 […]

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Wintertime cuddly cats

Winter time is snuggle-down time. When it’s stormy and snowing outside, that’s the time to make things really comfortable. Our feline friends in particular will often only grudgingly agree to go outside. That’s because cats aren’t terribly partial to the cold and damp. If you’re away during the day and don’t have a cat flap by which means the little tiger can get into the warm, you should provide a warm den for outside, a cat house.

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The seventh sense

Internet forums are full of stories about cats and dogs that appear to possess extraordinary talents. The animal lovers at Maxi Zoo are also familiar with tales of dogs who foresee danger ahead for their masters or mistresses – or of cats who come home as soon as someone is waiting there for them.

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Snack balls

Playing is very important to keep velvet paws fit and healthy, as well as to give them something meaningful to do. But some house cats are real couch potatoes. If your pet only ever sleeps the day away, it’s time to get them moving. A great way to stimulate lazy felines’ interest is with a snack ball, which rewards your little tiger for playing with treats.

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Photographing your pets

Photos of your pet are a lasting memory. However sometimes the cat jumps out of the picture quicker than the photographer would like or the black dog can is hardly discernable from the background. The experts from Maxi Zoo know what it all depends on and have compiled the following, easy to implement tips for hobby photographers.

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Natural products for pets

While the economy and financial markets are in crisis, the bio sector claims to still be growing, because consumers have finally sat up and taken notice. They don’t just want products that are good for their health.

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Multiple benefits between pet and owner

In almost every third household in Ireland, pets are keeping people company. They are loyal, cuddly, alert and comical companions and they exert a positive influence on our wellbeing. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how pets can have a positive influence on people of all ages.

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Cat Modelling

Wouldn’t you be proud to see your four-legged friend celebrated across a billboard in all their furry cuteness? Or see them look back at you from a magazine advertisement for pet food? Or show what they can do in a film or television show?

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