Top grooming tips for your pet

Help cats and dogs survive the moulting season Their coat protects cats and dogs from the cold throughout the winter and from dirt and parasites during the summer. To prepare them for the new season our pets moult in the spring and the autumn. If your pet loses a large amount of hair over several […]

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Moulting tips

Lots and lots and lots of hair flying here and lying there, cat owners could tell you a thing or two about coat changes in autumn or spring. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some tips on the best way to get through this hairy time.

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Long haired cat grooming

Long-haired cats are graceful beauties with every movement of their silky, flowing coat. So that it continues to shine, shimmer and stay tangle-free, it is important to brush Persians and other long-haired breeds gently but effectively every day.

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Healthy coats

A lovely silky coat usually means that your cat is happy, well fed and healthy. Read our tips on how to care for your animal’s coat…

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Bath time for pets

Regular bathing is actually not necessary for any pet, means stress for many and is even unhealthy for some.

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Basics of cat hygiene

Where daily personal hygiene is concerned, a cat’s tongue is both a wash cloth and a brush. Cats use their tongues to remove loose hair and dust. Nonetheless, it is sometimes ok for cat owners to lend their feline friends a helping hand, say the vets from Maxi Zoo.

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