Health care for cats

For cats to stay fit in the long term, their health care should not be neglected. Our checklist will help you to keep track. If we want to keep our pets fit for longer, we need to ensure that they have a healthy diet, the correct care and regular vaccinations. However, a cat’s health care […]

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When your cat turns into a lounge leopard

Feel good tips for the cold season Most cats aren’t too fond of going outside in autumn and winter. When it’s cold and wet out, they prefer to stay in the warm. This is the perfect time to cuddle up, get cosy and enjoy some time together. Have you ever heard the phrase, “This weather […]

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Staying cool in the heat

What do animals do in the wild when they’ve had enough of summer temperatures? They look for a cool, shaded spot to rest out and stop energy sapping activities. But pets in cages or in the car have no chance of protecting themselves against overheating and the sometimes deadly consequences, they are dependent on their owner handling them in a responsible manner

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Fitness for cats

Many people make a variety of good New Year’s resolutions such as improving their fitness, and some make them for their dog or cat. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some tips to help animal lovers help their pets.

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Comfy cats

As every cat owner knows, cats are staunch individualists who love to be pampered, but only when they feel like it. A contented purr or a cat lazily dozing off is the best reward a cat owner could wish for in return for his efforts. Our tips will help you ensure that your little tiger truly feels well in himself.

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Cat’s healthy coat

A nice, shiny coat is taken as a sign of a healthy animal, an animal which is happy and content. Like humans, several factors are relevant when it comes to a cat’s or dog’s health and a shiny and full coat. To prevent hair loss in our pets, we have collated some information on coat condition and tips on how to achieve a nice shiny coat.

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Catnip belongs to the labiate family and was already used by the old Egyptians. Cats were aware of the benefits of this versatile plant even earlier. Sprinkle a bit of catnip and watch your cat. Very nervous animals will relax, purr, sniff, nibble and roll around in the herb. Catnip stimulates appetite and catnip tea, stewed for just a moment, aids digestion.

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Cat neutering

Animal homes await springtime with trepidation, when love-hungry cats reproduce, they have their hands full. There are simply too many kittens which land up in the animal sanctuaries. And there’s only one thing for it, castration. The vets from Maxi Zoo explain why that’s so important.

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Animals and allergies

Many households are shared with much loved pets that keep the family company and love to be cuddled. One thing that can put a strain on this relationship is an animal allergy.

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