Toilet Tips

Litter tips for the discerning cat

Correctly placed and clean litter trays ensure a happy cat. To prevent your cat from going to the toilet anywhere else you should make the litter tray as attractive as possible.

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Inappropriate soiling in cats

Inappropriate defecating or urinating is understood as general refusal or infrequent use of the litter tray to defecate or urinate. When soiling, the cat assumes the normal squatting position with the tail in horizontal position. The amount of urine is significantly higher than for marking purposes.

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Cat toilets

Cats are by nature clean. They hate unpleasant odours and prefer to do their business discretely and undisturbed. Cat owners who stick to a few basic rules will ensure their cat feels comfortable when using their toilet. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain just what these rules are.

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Cat litter

People can be picky about their own bathroom habits, so is it any surprise that cats will be picky about theirs? Choosing a litter can be an important decision, for best chances of pleasing your feline friend, makes sure you know the information necessary to choose the right litter for her, and for you.

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