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5 Things You Should Never Say To A Dog Owner

There are two types of people in this world: people who have pets, and people who don’t. It can sometimes be difficult for one type of person to understand the other, since they can be so different in many ways. This is not to say that one is better than the other, just they they’re very […]

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Safe Walking Tips

Safe on four paws It’s difficult to been seen well in the dark. Even in October we no longer have ten hours of daylight. The days are getting shorter, which makes the roads more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. People who regularly go for walks with their dogs should take precautions. Maxi Zoo outlines some […]

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Does my pet have healthy teeth?

Many cat and dog owners believe that their four-legged friend doesn’t have dental or teeth problems. They think that as long as he eats well, everything will be fine. However, this usually turns out not to be the case. That’s because four out of five dogs over the age of three suffer from dental diseases. […]

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Holiday Activity Ideas for You and Your Pet!

The holidays are here and it is finally time to relax and enjoy them. Take the opportunity to be more active and whether you stay in Ireland or go abroad, here are some activity ideas for you and your pet from our Maxi Zoo pet exerts! Go hiking What about going on an excursion for […]

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Sunbathing Is Dangerous For Cats And Dogs! 5 Things You Should Know

Summer and sunbathing time is here!  As we spend hours under the sun we protect ourselves but we should not forget about our cats and dogs. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to the sun and can suffer from sunburn and heatstroke.  Here we have the answers to the most important questions regarding symptoms, prevention […]

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New Kitten Moving In? Here’s What You Should Know

Four-legged additions to the family should have everything they need when they arrive at their new home. But what does their new family need to provide so that puppies and kittens feel comfortable and secure? The experts from Maxi Zoo know. 1. Basic supplies for your kitten Bed Cats like it soft and cosy and […]

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3 Ways For You and Your Dog To Keep In Shape

“Fitness” has become a catchphrase that covers just about everything to do with physical and mental health. Animals with a good weight, strong cardiovascular system, well-trained musculature and a clear head live happy and healthy lives well into old age. Here are three ways exercising with dogs can help keep both owners and pets in […]

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Preparing Your Pet For Spring – 6 Quick Tips

Spring is just around the corner! The mild temperatures boost our craving for outdoor activities, and the opportunity to discover new territory with our dogs as well as new kinds of sports and game ideas. With our 6 quick tips, you and your four-legged friend will quickly get fit for spring, ready to enjoy the new […]

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Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home – What You Should Know

Constant contact wanted! What drives a dog to this when it’s left home alone for longer periods? Fishing socks out of the washing basket and chewing them up, biting through shoes and furniture, heart-rending howling or suffering in silence – the scope is enormous. But one thing’s for sure… dogs want company. Experts from Maxi Zoo […]

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It’s Winter Time! 3 Ways To Have Fun In The Snow

Hooray for the snow! …fun and games in pure white splendour Most dogs love the snow. Boring their noses deep in the glorious flakes, running, playing, catching snowballs – what could possibly be more fun in the winter time? With our great game ideas you and your pet can enjoy the snow-covered winter world even […]

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What You Need To Know About The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular dog breed in Ireland. The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog with terrier qualities. What most people don’t know is that a Yorkshire is not a dog that wants to laze about all day. Yorkshires are smart dogs that have a lot of energy and have a cute […]

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New puppy in the family? Here are 5 things you should know

Four-legged additions to the family should have everything they need when they arrive at their new home. But what does their new family need to provide so that puppies feel comfortable and secure? The experts from Maxi Zoo know. Good breeders usually give a baby dog their first essentials for when they arrive at their new residence – such […]

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Basic Christmas Tips For You And Your Pet

Even when we complain sometimes about the stress and rush surrounding Christmas and the New Year, at heart we all love the festivities and celebrations of this time of year. We have a few ideas to make sure that it is a happy festive season for both two and four-legged friends alike. The perfect Christmas […]

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Dog Obesity: What To Do If Your Dog Is Overweight

The Christmas season encourages owners and their pet pals to indulge in delicious festive food. A treat from the doggy advent calendar, another extra bone here and there – and of course a tasty Christmas stocking for pooch. We mean well and want to spoil our dog just a bit, but it is also a […]

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Maxi Zoo Christmas Gift Guide

The experts at Maxi Zoo Ireland have compiled a list of the top ten selling products for every animal this Christmas! Check out the fantastic gift ideas below, and don’t forget our friendly staff in store will be happy to help you pick the best present for your pet.     Call into your local […]

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Pets And Holidays: How To Keep Them Safe and Relaxed

The time surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve is genuinely challenging for owners and their pets. Visitors arrive, the normal daily routine is turned upside down for at least a week and the mood is more turbulent than reflective. People aren’t the only ones exhausted by this time of year. Our pets feel it too. […]

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children and pets

Children And Pets: What Animals Are Suitable For Children

Most children want a pet to cuddle and play with at some stage. And many parents want to support this, as living with an animal can positively affect their child’s development. But not every animal is suitable for children, particularly small animals, which wrongly can end up in children’s rooms. The animal experts from Maxi […]

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Rainy Days? Here Are 5 Indoor Games For You And Your Pet To Beat Boredom

House pets want to be challenged both physically and mentally, regardless of the weather outside. Disruptive behaviour can be the pay-back for boredom. So that it doesn’t come to this, dog owners can be brought into play. The experts at Maxi Zoo have put together five exciting indoor games for pets. 1. Intelligence Game Nowadays […]

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All You Need To Know About Adopting From An Animal Shelter

In animal shelters everywhere, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits & co. are longingly waiting to be found a new home and family for the rest of their lives. If you want to take home a pet from the sanctuary you should first work out whether you can offer the animal everything it needs. And that applies to a rescue pet […]

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9 Interesting Facts About Small Dog Breeds

Even small dog breeds can run rings around the big ones with regard to temperament, ability to learn and guard dog capabilities. The experts at Maxi Zoo know that how far off the ground the dog is says nothing about his character and abilities. Future owners should be aware that small dogs are real dogs […]

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dental hygiene for dogs maxi zoo

What You Should Know Abour Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Taking good care of pets’ choppers There are plenty of events for two-legged folks focused on human teeth, but what about dental hygiene for our four-legged friends? Bad breath, plaque and periodontitis are no longer rare occurrences among cats and dogs today. Does this mean animals have to visit the dentist too? Basically, yes, according […]

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Nutrition tips for cats and dogs maxi zoo

7 Specialist Nutrition Tips For Cats And Dogs

Anyone who decides to pay more attention to giving their pet a healthy, balanced diet in the future is not alone in their endeavors. Search for “healthy cat food” in Google, for example, and you’ll get nearly 80,000 hits. Try this with “dog nutrition” and you’ll locate over 320,000 entries. Nonetheless, genuine and alleged experts […]

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4 Things To Do When Your Dog Meets Another Dog

It could be so simple. Dogs meet, they play and then they go their own ways again. However, this is usually not what happens every day. Many dogs are not as socialized as we would like. Please do not rely on the old adage that dogs will always sort things out amongst themselves. There will […]

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Bothersome bloodsuckers

High season for ticks Unfortunately, spring is not all fun and games. From this point on, animals and their owners need to be back on their guard against ticks. This is because some of the breeds found in the area can transmit dangerous diseases. Ticks are small but incredibly tough and they can sometimes be […]

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How to prepare your four-legged friend for spring

Time to go outside! It’s finally time – spring is just around the corner and both man and his best friend are looking forward to some outdoor activities. With our tips, you and your four-legged friend will quickly get fit for spring, ready to enjoy the new season. The sun is shining, green grass is […]

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Safety on darker days

Even when the days get shorter and it starts to get darker earlier, dogs don’t want to miss out on their evening walk. As a result you need to pay special attention to safety so that you are clearly visible to other road users. Ideally you should wear a safety vest or attach reflectors to […]

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The health benefits of nutrition

A balanced diet is the best basis for a long, happy and healthy life with plenty of energy. But what exactly does healthy nutrition mean for cats and dogs? We’ve put together the most important facts and tips for you. Anyone who decides to pay more attention to giving their pet a healthy, balanced diet […]

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