Before the pet considerations

Small Dog Breeds

Even small breeds can run rings around the big ones with regard to temperament, ability to learn and guard dog capabilities. The experts at Maxi Zoo know that how far off the ground the dog is says nothing about his character and abilities.

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Respecting pet’s rights

Animal protection is something that should concern us all. On the one hand, there’s making sure that we keep and treat our animals in a way that’s appropriate to their species and on the other, there’s the value of buying animal produce for ourselves and our loved ones that comes from animals that have been treated and kept the right way.

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dog live

Dog Lifespan. How long will my dog live?

In the right environment, pets can grow to a ripe old age. For example a small doggie that joins a family as a pup can live for 15 years, can you dedicate 15 years to a dog? The experts at Maxi Zoo give us an overview of how old animals can live to be.

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How long can my dog stay alone?

What drives a dog to this when it’s left home alone for longer periods? Fishing socks out of the washing basket and chewing them up, biting through shoes and furniture, heart-rending howling or suffering in silence – the scope is enormous. But one thing’s for sure… dogs want company.

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Animals in apartments

Keeping animals in a multiple dwelling – an explosive mixture? The potential for conflict ranges from barking dogs to overflowing dustbins to allergies. Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on achieving a quiet life for both pet owners and non-pet owners.

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Am I ready for a pet?

Animals enrich our lives as well as our daily routine: they can be friends, soul-mates, companions, someone to keep fit with or simply living creatures. That’s why they are good for us, not only physically, but also mentally.

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Adoption from an animal shelter

In animal shelters everywhere, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits & co. are longingly waiting to be found a new home and family for the rest of their lives. If you want to take home a pet from the sanctuary you should first work out whether you can offer the animal everything it needs. And that applies to a ‘second-hand’ pet all the more, say the experts from Maxi Zoo.

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Achieve a work-pet balance

For many of us that dream of having a pet, a dog will be the first animal that springs to mind. We envisage brisk early morning walks and long strolls in the evenings and weekends; however, both you and your pet’s limits may soon be reached if you are not realistic regarding the time you have to dedicate.

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