Dogs in the Family

Seniors and pets

Dogs, cats, birds & co already enrich the homes of millions of senior citizens. There they provide an antidote against loneliness and boredom. And they’ve been proven to have a positive effect on health. Which animals are the most suitable as pets depends on individual needs and means.

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Jealousy with new family members

A jealous dog can be quite amusing – like when it fawns its way to the foreground, keeps prodding or whines. But through time, its defiant behaviour becomes irritating, if not downright dangerous. Just why dogs suffer relationship stress and how their owners can prevent this, is answered by the experts from Maxi Zoo.

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Babies and pets

During the last weeks of pregnancy, it is not unusual for relatives to question the parents’ love of animals. “I suppose you’ll be giving the dog away?” The worry ranges from bad hygiene to danger of death for the new baby. These fears are understandable but, according to the experts at Maxi Zoo, they are no reason to give up your beloved pets.

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