When puppies bite

Ouch! Having a mouthful of small, sharp puppy teeth digging into your hand can really hurt. New owners are quickly driven to despair by a puppy that constantly bites, and look as if they have played with a thorny bush instead of a cuddly puppy

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What puppies want- basic supplies

Four-legged additions to the family should have everything they need when they arrive at their new home. But what does their new family need to provide so that puppies and kittens feel comfortable and secure? The experts from Maxi Zoo know.

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The right dog for the family

Which dog fits best into family life? For some it has to be a retriever, others would prefer a German shepherd. One thing’s for sure, according to the experts at the specialist retail chain, whether a dog is capable of family life depends on different factors.

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Puppy playgroup

Congratulations! A cute little puppy has found a place in your heart, crept into your life and moved into your home. Now it’s time to prepare him for his life with you. And this includes the little nipper having as many positive encounters with other dogs as possible. This works best in a puppy playgroup.

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Puppies first walk

The little puppy totters cutely through the world, and it’s wonderful to watch it growing up. But it’s precisely at the start, that a puppy feels insecure in still unfamiliar situations. Which is why winning its trust should be the highest priority. In the familiar homely surroundings is the best place to get a puppy used to a collar and lead.

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Puppies and their mums

The little canine whelps (pups) fare in much the same way as the kittens. They come into the world blind and deaf at first and need the care and protection of their mother

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Puppies and responsibility

Before you decide on a puppy, you should think carefully about what that means: In the first few months you need to invest a lot of time and patience into giving your pet a good start in life. After all, you want yourself and your pet to go through life without conflicts later. Dog schools, vets and books can help you make your decision and prepare for a life with your dog.

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Pets and working owners

A quick walk before work, then again in your lunch break, plenty of playing and running around after clocking off. For working pet owners, it’s often not at all easy to accommodate pets’ wishes. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo explain how to achieve a work-pet balance.

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Large puppy nutrition

When feeding large breed puppies, it is important to know that the smallest mistake in food composition or amount can lead to permanent damage as the puppy grows so rapidly. The larger the puppy will be as an adult, the faster must its body grow to achieve the adult weight, in extreme cases this can mean from 0 to 50 KG in the course of one year.

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Feeding puppies

Puppy owners naturally want to see their baby grow into a handsome, strong and active adult dog. But often this involves too much of a good thing: Home-mixed food rations, giving powders and tablets – some dog owners even resort to an injection for an extra portion of vitamins.

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A puppy is moving in

Finally, the new family member has arrived: A small puppy looking at you with its little dark round eyes. And from now on the new resident will keep you busy. Having a new pup is not much different from having a human child. Puppies need plenty of time, patience and most importantly, training.

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