Which Breed? Some popular Dog breeds

Small Dog Breeds

Even small breeds can run rings around the big ones with regard to temperament, ability to learn and guard dog capabilities. The experts at Maxi Zoo know that how far off the ground the dog is says nothing about his character and abilities.

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Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog with terrier qualities. What most people don’t know is that a Yorkshire is not a dog that wants to laze about all day. Yorkshires are smart dogs that have a lot of energy and have a cute curious nature. They are independent little things that enjoy exploring.

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Water Dogs

In the heat of summer, there’s nothing quite like taking a plunge into cool waters. This applies to dogs, well the ones that love water anyway!

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Rottweilers are tough, sturdy and muscular dogs. And these dogs are aware of their strength. They have a lot of confidence and are very intelligent, when properly trained of course. They can be loving and caring pets that are very loyal and easy-going.

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Labradors are very sociable dogs, and love being around people. They are always ready to accompany you in a light jog, a vigorous hike or a game of fetch. The lovable lab is a friendly, patient and loyal companion for anyone. They adore activity and love being the centre of attention.

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King Charles

Cavalier King Charles are lovable and cuddly little companions. They are very affectionate and playful but aren’t overly energetic. They are a perfect house pet as they love lounging about the house, cuddling up with you on a sofa or playing with you in the garden.

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Greyhound dogs

Greyhounds are best known for their athletic build and their ability to run faster than any other breed of dog. Greyhounds are not just athletes, they are calm and friendly dogs as well.

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Golden Retrievers

If you love playing with a furry friend for hours, a Golden Retriever is probably the perfect dog for you. These dogs are loving, playful and smart; they have limitless energy and have a very even temperament. They are eager and amiable and are a perfect family dog.

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German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for being fierce dogs, but they are also very friendly and have a very calm, aloof temperament. German Shepherds are always ready to perform a task in an instant.

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Collies are very friendly, attentive and smart dogs. They are known for their gentle temperament and loyal nature. Collies are a great house pet as they get along well with other animals and with children. Remember that collies will normally be very wary of any strangers visiting the house, or out in public.

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Cocker Spaniels

The Spaniel is a great canine companion in any home, but remember that it comes from a hunting background. They are active, lively and cuddly dogs. The spaniel is a mixture of a tough, instinctive hunting dog and a lovable, kind house dog.

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The animal experts from specialty chain Maxi Zoo reveal more about the world’s smallest dog breed.

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Boxer Dogs

Boxers may look like tough and sturdy little things but they are just as playful and lovable as any other dog. Boxers will fit into any family, they get along with children and other pets. Sometimes they are even known to make best friends with a feline friend.

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Beagles are very happy, gentle and active little dogs. They would make a great new member to any loving family. They love to feel like part of the family so they need a good bit of love and care and plenty of play-time. They also love children, and are energetic but gentle playmates.

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