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Celebrating sports with pets

Why not celebrate your favourite sport together with pets! Just keep in mind a couple of tips and tricks for special sporting events, then football, hurling, and even rugby can be enjoyable for both pets and their owners.

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Summer dog accessories

During the nicest weather, life often goes on outdoors… and our four-legged friends are in on the act. Whether it’s on the balcony, the terrace, garden or camping site – these accessories make for an unforgettable doggie summer, as the animal lovers at the Maxi Zoo know.

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Muzzles for dogs

Sometimes you can’t avoid it – there are places and circumstances where your dog has to wear a muzzle, or you want to make sure that your four-legged friend doesn’t unearth or eat anything dangerous. It is very important to get a dog used to a muzzle gradually, so they don’t refuse to wear it.

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Dogs and leads

One of a dog owner’s key belongings is a dog’s lead. Most people won’t even leave the house without it, because letting a dog run off its lead invites new hazards around every corner. Drive time harbours enormous risks for dogs running free.

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Dog toy benefits

You stand stationary and move solely your arm as you throw his favourite squeaky toy. Exerting every ounce of strength he sprints off at top speed, legs blurring together in rapid momentum and lunges, all four paws in the air, to grasp his prize. Panting and gasping, he rebounds back to do it all over again.

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Collar or Harness

Often annoying, sometimes plain compulsory but basically sensible in view of the many dangers threatened by the traffic on the roads alone… masters and mistresses scarcely venture out of the house without having their dogs on a lead. So where to fix the lead, on a collar or a harness?

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