Activity Ideas

Make walks more exciting

The whole world is an adventure So why always take the same routes together? How boring would that be! And not just for us people, but for our dogs too. Yet it’s as easy as pie to turn a walk into a shared adventure. We’ve all seen them – dog owners on their phones or […]

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Your dog as a jogging partner

Comfortable spring temperatures entice us outside and awaken a desire for movement. Those who own a dog might like to take him along as a jogging companion. However, although both owner and dog have an urge to exercise, jogging together doesn’t always work so well.

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Summer activities with your dog

Holidays mean recuperation from everyday life: many people enjoy spending their time out in familiar surroundings. That also applies in particular to owners of pets such as dogs and cats. Our four-legged friends do not need holidays – so they are all the more pleased to get more attention and to experience more variety.

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Intelligence games for dogs

Our pets are smart, sometimes smarter than we think. In their natural surroundings, every animal is responsible for its own survival and has to apply all its wits to the utmost. And sometimes even demonstrate brain power. Luckily, you can now get “intelligence toys” for dogs. It’s also easy to make some of these games yourself.

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Getting fit with your dog

Many a pet owner quite consciously chooses a dog as a pet because they can keep fit along with it while others come to it later: exercising together with their four-legged friends not only trains stamina and fitness… it’s also fun. As well as the classic dog training sports, mainly new, unusual types of sport are increasingly gaining followers.

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Fun in the snow

Most dogs love the snow. Boring their noses deep in the glorious flakes, running, playing, catching snowballs – what could possibly be more fun in the winter? With our great game ideas you and your pet can enjoy the snow-covered winter world even more by exercising your dog to the full while at the same time strengthening the bond between you.

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Isn’t it the dream of any dog owner to have his or her dog return items reliably? But many dogs prefer to run away and wait for the owner to join in a tag game. But given the appropriate training, fetching or retrieving can be great fun for owner and dog alike. We have put together some ideas how you can teach your dog fetching or retrieving for domestic use:

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Dog tracking

Dogs quite simply have the right “nose” for it. Their sense of smell outstrips that of humans not just “by a nose” but far, for more. A dog can smell fifteen times better than us.

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Dog Agility

Agility is one of the most popular dog sports. No wonder – it’s a lot of fun and is open to all dogs, big or small. Participants are divided into three classes, depending on their size.

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Cycling holidays with your dogs

A cycling holiday with a dog must be well planned. In this sector there are hardly any, if any, offers for package holidays. It is therefore up to the dog owner to choose a suitable route and to organise accommodation for all travellers.

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Aqua fitness for Fido

Is your dog a right little water rat? From their first steps, some “super-swimmer” breeds and mongrels can barely be held back when they get a sniff of water.

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