Maxi Zoo Christmas Gift Guide

The experts at Maxi Zoo Ireland have compiled a list of the top ten selling products for every animal this Christmas! Check out the fantastic gift ideas below, and don’t forget our friendly staff in store will be happy to help you pick the best present for your pet.     Call into your local […]

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Big adventures for four-legged friends

According to a survey, half of all dog owners now take their pet on holiday. Are you among them? Then we have a few important tips for you to make sure your journey together is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Your dog is a part of the family, and that includes the best time […]

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Dogs and Fireworks at Halloween

No tricks, just treats at Halloween when it comes to Fireworks Adults and children alike look forward to the fireworks on All Hallow’s Eve, when the night sky explodes with colour, but we sometimes forget that a lot of animals suffer terrible anxiety as a result of loud noise and flashing lights. Some animals are so traumatised that […]

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Transportation during holidays

The summer sun lures us out of the house and to faraway destinations. Dedicated pet owners often take their four-legged friends with them. To take your pet on holiday, you first need a good way to transport them. The experts from Maxi Zoo explain what to keep in mind.

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Pet Sitter

Even if we would most prefer to have them with us round the clock, we can’t always take our pets with us on holiday. Most cats and other small animals react to strange surroundings with stress and even the dog has to stay at home sometimes such as when a plane journey is on the itinerary. The alternative, a reliable pet sitter or a pet boarding kennel.

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Last minute holidays

If you want to travel on the spur of the moment, there are quite a few last minute opportunities available to enable you to do just that. And accommodation providers have even thought of dog lovers, last minute breaks are already on offer that allow you to take your dog with you. Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on what to watch out for with last minute trips.

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Holiday options for pets

A pet sitter, animal boarding house or bring your pet on the holiday? Every pet owner asks themselves this question coming up to holiday time.

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Holiday checklist

For most people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – and they want to share it with their beloved four-legged friends. Many holidaymakers take their dog along when they go on a journey. They choose a dog-friendly hotel where Fido is welcome and opt for a destination where they can walk, relax or bathe together. So, time to get the bags packed! But Fido will need a few travel items, too, so you should proceed with caution in case you forget something.

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Dog creches

It sounds quite logical… children go to the kiddie crèche, dogs to the doggie crèche. Daycare centres for dogs, these have only been around for a few years. Dog owners in an increasing number of cities are taking up just such offers when the occasion arises that they’re unable to look after their canine companions.

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Choosing a pet boarder

Holidays should be fun and refreshing, that goes for people and animals alike. However, young masters and mistresses can’t always spend their holidays with their pets. If there’s no friend, family member or sitter available who can look after your furry friend, then an animal hotel is a good alternative.

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