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Does my pet have healthy teeth?

Many cat and dog owners believe that their four-legged friend doesn’t have dental or teeth problems. They think that as long as he eats well, everything will be fine. However, this usually turns out not to be the case. That’s because four out of five dogs over the age of three suffer from dental diseases. […]

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Swallowing pills

Does your pet have pills to swallow? The specialists at Maxi Zoo provide some tips on how best to administer medicines to cats and dogs.

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Pets and plants

It’s lovely when spring is finally here and everything is green and in bloom. Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the living room, it doesn’t just look good to us; it also awakens the appetite of our pets. But be careful – it’s not always healthy to snack on fresh greens! The experts from Maxi Zoo tell you what to be aware of.

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Dental hygiene for dogs

There are plenty of events for two-legged folks focused on human teeth, but what about dental hygiene for our four-legged friends? Bad breath, plaque and parodontitis are no longer rare occurrences among cats and dogs today. Does this mean animals have to visit the dentist too? Basically, yes, according to veterinarians at Maxi Zoo.

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Most dogs simply love sticking their paws in the soft soil and digging with fervour, with the dirt flying about in all directions. Some dig just for fun, and can become almost fixated on their work. Others paw at the ground to hide a special object or treat, like a chewing bone, a pig’s ear or a piece of beef hide. But why do they do this?

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