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How to prepare your four-legged friend for spring

Time to go outside! It’s finally time – spring is just around the corner and both man and his best friend are looking forward to some outdoor activities. With our tips, you and your four-legged friend will quickly get fit for spring, ready to enjoy the new season. The sun is shining, green grass is […]

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Winter tips for dogs

Scientists believe that animals can suffer from seasonal depression too. Less natural light causes hormonal changes, and that can put anyone in a bad mood! Animals generally display behavioural changes, become lethargic and do not seem to be as happy as in summer. The experts from specialist chain store Maxi Zoo have some tips on how to make exercising in the fresh air and cosy times at home more appealing to cats and dogs in wintertime.

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Dogs in the summer heat

The notorious “dog days of summer” are here again. Day-long oppressive heat. Such days are a test of toughness for a dog’s health. When all’s said and done, they can’t just shed their coats. Humans sweat, but it’s not so simple for dogs. Dogs don’t have sweat glands in their skin, only a few on the balls of their paws and they have to regulate their body temperature by panting. That’s why they have an increased fluid requirement in summer.

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