Doggie detriments

Veterinary drugs

Usually you get veterinary drugs from your vet. Vets can not only prescribe medicines but their expertise also entitles them to dispense ready-made veterinary preparations and to prepare medicines at their surgery. This makes sense as special preparations are immediately available when needed.

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Senior dogs

Coat going grey, standing up becoming difficult, commands no longer heard? Yes, even our dogs get older! With some dogs, this process already kicks after the age of six. The experts at Maxi Zoo explain how and with what means owners can alleviate their senior dog’s everyday life.

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Physiotherapy for dogs

Physiotherapy aims to maintain or restore mobility when restricted as a result of an accident, illness or old age. There are a variety of different types and applications. And these are no longer limited to people, physiotherapy can be used very successfully with animals to reduce pain, re-establish joint mobility and strengthen muscles.

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Paw injuries

Both small and large wounds on the paws of cats or dogs should be attended to swiftly – that’s what the vets from Maxi Zoo recommend.

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Nervous and agitated dogs

Nervous and agitated, Rocky stares with fear at the hooded man coming towards him, he shrinks back in panic at a half-sagging balloon on the field. These are typical situations where your dog may appear not to recognise the actuality and panics, not knowing what to do in these situations. Some objects, people or sounds can give dogs such a fright that they tear off into the distance in fear. Owners are powerless to help.

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Help – My pet’s stopped eating

It can happen in the best families… Fido or Felix won’t touch their food. Or the pet guinea pigs suddenly stop eating. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain how pet owners should interpret this and what to do about it.

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Emergency situations

If an animal has injured itself or has been involved in an accident, the owner or the people who find the animal should take it to a vet as quickly as possible. That is the only way to prevent life threatening consequences. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain what people can do in the way of first aid before getting to a vet.

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Behavioural problems in dogs

Humans are not the only ones afflicted by noise phobia, depression and panic attacks. Cats and dogs can also suffer from these conditions. Psychoactive drugs can play an important role in the treatment of acute episodes.

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Arthrisis in dogs

A dog suddenly refuses to go up the stairs, or he withdraws from playing, no longer fit for games. These could be indications of arthrosis, a chronic joint disease. Most animals will suffer in silence, but the pain puts them under permanent stress. This leads to further consequences for the health and behaviour of an animal, as the specialists at Maxi Zoo know.

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Animals and allergies

Many households are shared with much loved pets that keep the family company and love to be cuddled. One thing that can put a strain on this relationship is an animal allergy. Be it cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rodents or birds – they all have the potential to provoke allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, permanent colds, rashes or asthma. Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on how to cope.

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