Bothersome bloodsuckers

High season for ticks Unfortunately, spring is not all fun and games. From this point on, animals and their owners need to be back on their guard against ticks. This is because some of the breeds found in the area can transmit dangerous diseases. Ticks are small but incredibly tough and they can sometimes be […]

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Tips for combating infestations

Parasites are not only a pest – they can make life hell for a cat or a dog. This is because they cause severe itching or even trigger an allergy, such as from flea bites. So it’s a good thing to protect your house pet from these pests – and yourself too, as some parasites migrate to humans.

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Pets and mites

Mites can infest any animal and cause horrible itching. These tiny arachnids are invisible to the naked eye but most are very contagious. This is why it is important to identify mites and prevent them from infesting other animals in your house or circle of friends.

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Guide to common parasites

Spring, summer – finally we can go outside. Dogs look forward to long walks. Ticks, fleas and worms also look forward to new victims that they can use as hosts. The vets from Maxi Zoo, tell you about the most common parasites. It is especially worth knowing that prevention helps!

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