Combating algae in your garden pond

If the water in your garden pond is looking increasingly murky, this is most likely due to algae. You need to act quickly to protect both the water quality and the pond life. Every garden pond has algae. Alight green shimmer on the surface of your pond is no reason for concern, providing the water […]

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Feeding pond fish in summer

If you don’t have the space for a large aquarium but love the idea of having colourful cichlids, take a look at the dwarf variety. In the last few weeks, the sun hasn’t just reinvigorated your fish, it’s also reawakened their appetites. We hope you waited to feed your fish until the temperature of the […]

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Filters and pumps for garden ponds

Every pond has its own biological equilibrium that can be supported by circulating and purifying the water. Smaller habitats in particular need the help of filters and pumps if you own fish or when the temperature rises. Fish excrement, excess food, foliage and dead plants: The smaller the pond, the greater the danger that the […]

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Time for a spring clean

Clean out your garden pond this spring When the temperatures start to rise, it’s time to get outdoors and spring clean your garden pond. The number one priority should be water quality. Once the snow has melted and the sun begins to warm up the ground and the water, your pond will spring back to […]

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Fish for the garden pond

Not only do fish brighten up a pond, they also play in important role within it. We’ll reveal which kinds of fish are especially good to have in your pond. The undulating body of a fish through water is without a doubt a beautiful and relaxing image in any garden pond. But pond fish don’t […]

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The garden pond in summer

Summer is the prettiest time for your garden pond, provided you have a handle on algae growth and the water quality. Garden ponds thrive during the summer months. Plants are blooming, dragonflies are zipping along the water and birds are stopping by to cool off. Right now, the water is particularly rich in nutrients, which […]

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A colourful Aqua community

Most aquarium owners would like to have a colourful community tank. However, if fish species are mismatched or there’s not enough room for all of them, this can become life-threatening for some of the inhabitants. Therefore, plan ahead carefully before buying your fish. Once you have finished setting up your aquarium, it will take about […]

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Safe in a new home

Transporting and settling in To ensure that your new pet quickly becomes accustomed to his new home, try to keep the move as stress-free as possible. The most important thing is to transport your pet safely and to quarantine him before introducing him to the terrarium. The time has finally come for a bearded dragon, […]

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Seniors and Pets

Dogs, cats, birds & co already enrich the homes of millions of senior citizens. There they provide an antidote against loneliness and boredom. And they’ve been proven to have a positive effect on health.

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Saying goodbye-When a pet dies

The life expectancy of most pets is a lot less than that of a person. While cats can live for up to 20 years, dogs can live approximately 10 to 17, budgerigars and canaries up to 12 years and smaller animals and rodents even less. The life span of fish varies greatly and is not so easy to predict. Animal lovers are thus often confronted with the death of a furry friend several times in life. What is the best way to deal with this? The experts from Maxi Zoo give their advice.

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Multiple benefits between pet and owner

In almost every third household in Ireland, pets are keeping people company. They are loyal, cuddly, alert and comical companions and they exert a positive influence on our wellbeing. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how pets can have a positive influence on people of all ages.

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Respecting pet’s rights

Animal protection is something that should concern us all. On the one hand, there’s making sure that we keep and treat our animals in a way that’s appropriate to their species and on the other, there’s the value of buying animal produce for ourselves and our loved ones that comes from animals that have been treated and kept the right way. The experts from Maxi Zoo are here to give an initial overview.

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Considerations before getting a pet

Many adults dream of a having a pet to play with in their free time. But most people work – and full-time at that. You and your pet’s limits will soon be reached if you insist on having a dog that cannot be walked. Have a long, hard think about whether you are up to providing the kind of care your desired animal requires and if it is suited to being alone for longer periods of time at all.

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Children and pets

Most children want a pet to cuddle and play with at some stage. And many parents want to support this, as living with an animal can positively affect their child’s development. But not every animal is suitable for children, particularly small animals, which wrongly can end up in children’s rooms. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo explain which animals are suitable for children.

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Animals in apartments

Keeping animals in a multiple dwelling – an explosive mixture? The potential for conflict ranges from barking dogs to overflowing dustbins to cat hair allergies. Experts from your local Maxi Zoo give some tips on achieving a quiet life for both pet owners and non-pet owners.

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Achieve a Work-Pet Balance!

For many of us that dream of having a pet, a dog will be the first animal that springs to mind. We envisage brisk early morning walks and long strolls in the evenings and weekends; however, both you and your pet’s limits may soon be reached if you are not realistic regarding the time you have to dedicate.

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