Rodent gifts

Home games for rodents

In the wild, rodents have to look out for themselves, from keeping out of the way of predators to finding food. When guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, rabbits and other animals are kept as pets in cages, these activities that keep animals busy in nature aren’t needed any more. This risks monotony and boredom in cage life through to a complete stifling of these otherwise agile animals. It’s easy to put a stop to this inactivity and encourage your pet to work for their supper with a food ball.

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Natural products for pets

While the economy and financial markets are in crisis, the bio sector claims to still be growing, because consumers have finally sat up and taken notice. They don’t just want products that are good for their health; they also want the goods they buy to come from sustainable production and livestock husbandry that’s appropriate to the species in question. That’s why natural and ecological products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and, according to the experts at Maxi Zoo, that includes pet owners.

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Easter gifts for pets

Easter’s in sight and spring has sprung. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some suitable gift ideas which your pets will love and get them playing exciting “hide and seek” games.

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Christmas ideas for pets

What does the modern household pet get up to on Christmas day? Of course it busies itself with the presents like all the other members of the family! Many pets receive a token from their dear ones on Christmas Day- and often show more gratitude than some others in the family! Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on which presents are suitable and currently in fashion.

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