Rodents and Holidays

Pets and planes – Transport tips

Every year thousands of pets, mostly dogs or cats, fly away on holiday with their owners. Unfortunately for our furry friends, this is anything but fun and actually rather stressful. This is just one of the reasons that flying with pets requires extensive planning, say the experts from Maxi Zoo.

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Pet sitter

Even if we would most prefer to have them with us round the clock, we can’t always take our pets with us on holiday. Most cats and other small animals react to strange surroundings with stress and even the dog has to stay at home sometimes such as when a plane journey is on the itinerary. The alternative: a reliable pet sitter or a pet boarding kennel.

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How long can my rodent stay alone

Whether you own a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a guinea pig or a budgie the following question eventually poses itself: How long can I leave my pet at home alone? Even if you are nearby all day the question eventually comes up before the next holiday. The vets from Maxi Zoo supply the answers.

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Holiday options for pets

A pet sitter, animal boarding house or bring your pet on the holiday? – Every pet owner asks themselves this question coming up to holiday time.

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Choosing a pet boarder

Holidays should be fun and refreshing – that goes for people and animals alike. However, young masters and mistresses can’t always spend their holidays with their pets. If there’s no friend, family member or sitter available who can look after your furry friend, then an animal hotel is a good alternative. But how to choose the right one? Experts from Maxi Zoo have compiled a checklist to help assess the quality of an animal hotel – so that the well-being of the one left behind is also catered for.

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Balcony holiday for small animals

Warm spring weather doesn’t just entice us humans outside, the smaller members of our family also want to breathe the fresh air and sun themselves a bit. This we can allow them with a day trip on the balcony. The experts from Maxi Zoo explain how you can implement this.

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