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Small animals have to nibble

In Ireland, small animals are the third most popular pets. This includes hamsters, guinea pigs and mice. It is well known that all of them are rodents which means that they have to have something to nibble on all the time – their teeth do actually grow constantly. As a rule, it is advisable to provide “something to nibble on” to avoid causing problems due to teeth which are too long or even become infected and therefore endanger the life of a small animal.

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Small animal hoarding

To hoard means to store away provisions for later, more difficult times. There is one cute little animal that is an expert at this – the hamster. A hamster even has special pockets in its cheeks to transport food to its sleeping den, where it stockpiles its findings. But hamsters aren’t the only ones who hoard! This behaviour is also seen in other rodents and birds.

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Pets and plants

It’s lovely when spring is finally here and everything is green and in bloom. Whether in the garden, on the balcony or in the living room it doesn’t just look good to us, it also awakens the appetite of our pets. But be careful – it’s not always healthy to snack on fresh greens! The experts from Maxi Zoo tell you what to be aware of.

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