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Keeping discus fish in an aquarium

Many aquarium owners consider discus fish to be one of the most beautiful species that can be kept in an aquarium. But when it comes to keeping and caring for fish, they are also among the most challenging. Discus fish get their name from their flat, roundish body and long fins that stretch across almost […]

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Dwarf cichlids – A blaze of colour in the aquarium

If you don’t have the space for a large aquarium but love the idea of having colourful cichlids, take a look at the dwarf variety. Most cichlids need a spacious tank. However, even if you have a small 80 litre aquarium, you don’t have to miss out on these vibrantly coloured fish. Dwarf cichlids only […]

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The fascination with toothcarps

Live-bearers or toothcarps are some of the easiest aquarium fish to keep. Indeed, they are relatively easy to look after and feel well even in smaller aquariums. “Livebearers” get their name because unlike most other fish, they don’t spawn but rather bring their young to the world when they are fully developed. There are at […]

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Tropical- Swordtail

The name Swordtail was inspired by the body of the male Swordtail. The bottom ray of his caudal fin is long, and points out from the body like a sword. The female Swordtail doesn’t have any sword, and she can be told apart from the male by her round body

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Tropical Starter Fish – Glowlight Tetra and Guppies

Fish for beginners: Which fish for the aquarium novice? If you place fish in an aquarium, you should consider from the start how large the fish you buy as babies will become. The bigger they become, the more space they take up – even fish need their territory. If too many are living together, the […]

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Tropical – Platy

The Platy is a very popular fish for starter aquarists, since it is relatively hardy, easy to take care of and also easy to spawn in captivity. It will not grow any bigger than 2.5 inches and one Platy can be kept in a 5 gallon tank. There are many varieties of the Platy, this includes the common red Wagtail Platy. Other popular options are Sunset Platy, Variatus Platy and Tuxedo Platy.

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Tropical Fish – The Neon tetra

The Neon Tetra is one of the most popular aquarium fish. It is a hardy and inexpensive fish and because of this is the perfect fish for beginner aquarists. A few of the bright, beautiful Neon Tetras will add colour as well as activity to the aquarium. Over 1.5 million Neon tetras are imported to the United States every month!

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The guppy is a typical novice’s fish. It is relatively robust, placid and breeds very prolifically, which is the reason why it was given the sobriquet “million fish”. It is also very popular given the almost infinite variety of colours in which it can be found, meaning that freshwater fans can choose the composition of their guppy stocks to suit their own tastes. The aquarist experts from Maxi Zoo have got all sorts of interesting facts about these tooth carps (Cyprinodontiformes) with their magnificent caudal fins.

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Tropical-Discus Fish

With its narrow, disc-like shape and variety of different colours and patterns, the majestic discus is often called the “king of the freshwater fish”. The discus is originally from the tropics, well-known for their diverse animal and plant life. His majesty is very demanding, as the aquarium experts from Maxi Zoo know.

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Tropical-Angel Fish

They were once king of the aquarium but now, with the introduction of the discus species, the imposing angel fish have slipped to second place. Nevertheless one comes across them considerably more often in our living rooms. They are immediately noticeable because of their size and unusual body shape. What other fish are taller than they are long…? Experts from Maxi Zoo give some tips on looking after these angels.

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Tropical- Zebra Danio

The Zebra Danio is a very active and hardy little fish. It is easily distinguished by its horizontal stripes which gave the danio its name. Blue-purple stripes run from its gill to its tail, High-lighting the slim silver-gold body of this attractive fish.

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Tropical- Sarasa Comet

The Sarasa Comet fish is a lovely alternative to a standard pond fish. It has a bright red body with subtle white patches and a single-tail. Although the comet may resemble ornamental carp, it lacks the barbels in the mouth, the markings at the base of the scales and it’s a different size. The Sarasa Comet adds a unique beauty to any backyard garden. Comet Goldfish aren’t that different from the Common Goldfish, but they tend to be more slender and their tails are longer. Sarasa comet fish are available in a large variety of colours such as orange, white, red, or a mixture of black/red/white/blue.

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Cold water-Koi

The number of koi enthusiasts and admirers in this country is growing steadily. These days even amateurs can immediately distinguish a pond containing the valuable coloured carp from a regular goldfish pond. Their size, their myriad colours and their ornamental markings give koi their unmistakable appearance. In the following, the pet experts from Maxi Zoo reveal more about the king of ornamental fish.

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Cold water- Goldfish

The goldfish is a freshwater fish. It was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated, and is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish.

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