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Salamanders. At home in water and on land

Newts and salamanders bring one of the most original forms of nature into your home. Nevertheless, keeping these animals as pets is very challenging. Newts and salamanders belong to the order Caudata, and are amphibians. This means that most of them spend part of their time on land and part of their time in water […]

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The royal python and its morphs

Variety of colours in a terrarium The royal python is not only one of the smaller python breeds, but it is also one of the most beautiful. As it is relatively easy to breed, it already exists in more than 200 colour patterns. With an average length of 120-150 cm and weighing 1-3 kg, the […]

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Love them or hate them, tarantulas are becoming an increasingly popular pet, due to their ease of care, suitability for beginners and – depending on the species – temperament. These eight-legged creatures are about 20-23 million years old and are found all over the world, from Europe to America, and Africa to Asia.

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Poisonous Pets

Who hasn’t heard media reports of poisonous snakes of unknown origins surfacing in the local area? Dangerous pets represent a particular challenge for some pet owners as fascinating and unique creatures. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo explain whether and how these exotics are dangerous.

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Leopard Geckos

Reptiles can exert their charms on many people. A special favourite is the gluttonous leopard gecko. That’s mainly because these lizards very often become hand-tame. Apart from that, they’re easy to look after and therefore ideal for beginners.

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Green Dragons

On a visit to the live animal department of a pet shop you are increasingly likely to come across green water agamids – also called Chinese water dragons. And indeed, with their sentry-like eyes, their crested backs and the cone-shaped scales on the lower jaw, they do look somewhat primeval.

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frogs and toads

Frogs and Toads

Even the fattest toads are lured out by frost-free nights, mild temperature and rainy weather in spring. Late in the evening, these amphibians make their way home from their winter dwellings to spawn. Frogs and toads don’t just hop along forest paths or even streets – they are increasingly found indoors in terrariums. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo profile these primeval creatures.

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European Tortoises

European tortoises look robust and unassuming. But appearances can be deceptive – above all where nutrition is involved, these little tanks are very sensitive. But also on the topic of breeding, ambitious tortoise keepers have a lot of questions… and the experts from Maxi Zoo have the answers.

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Corn Snakes

For lots of people the sight of snake causes them to cringe at first. However those who get a little closer to the animals will soon be fascinated by them. The experts from Maxi Zoo will present the corn snakes in more detail. They can even help a “greenhorn” in owning a home terrarium.

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