Guinea Pigs

Partnering guinea pigs

Luckily it is old news that guinea pigs need the company of their own kind. However even these extraordinarily social creatures cannot live with just anyone. The experts from Maxi Zoo explain what works and what to look out for in a guinea pig group.

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Intelligent guinea pigs

They’re so small – and yet so smart! Guinea pigs are intelligent rodents that can be taught many things. They need variety and don’t like being bored.

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Guinea pig overview

Pet Pointers Guinea pigs are cuddly, lively, inquisitive and uncomplicated. And they haven’t just been the cute little favourites of children for a long time. Grown-ups are also valuing their company more and more. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how to keep guinea pigs in a manner appropriate to their species.

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Guinea pig gestation

68 days – that’s the average gestation period for guinea pigs. A short time compared with the childbearing period for us humans, but not when one is excitedly awaiting the cute little baby guineas! Vets from Maxi Zoo explain what animal lovers should look out for when extending their guinea pig family.

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First aid for guinea pigs

Small animals such as our guinea pigs are not easy patients. Even vets can find it difficult to make a diagnosis. Therefore in an emergency, guinea pig owners can only do one thing: Visit their veterinary surgery. However what would happen if the animal happened to become ill on a Sunday or if the vet is not available at short notice? The veterinary team at Maxi Zoo has put some first-aid measures together for these situations.

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An only guinea pig is a lonely guinea pig

Guinea pigs are no loners – it’s in their nature to live together in small communal groups. Such lively little animals actually pine when kept on their own. Groups of three up to ten animals are ideal. Here are some further pieces of advice on community living from the experts at Maxi Zoo.

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