What hamster fans should know

Those who take on a golden or teddy hamster have to learn new thinking. These children of the desert are quite different to other pets in many respects.

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Types of hamsters

Animal lovers find them simply adorable: Golden hamsters are one of the most popular pets of all time. But these days, these hamsters from the mesocricetus genus have competition. Dwarf hamsters, such as Winter White and Roborovski dwarf hamsters, have also captured our hearts.

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Hamster habitat tips

Hamsters are way too active to be happy in a boring home. Use simple tools to make the cage an adventure playground for your little rodent.

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ABC of hamsters

Hamsters are one of the most loved of all house pets. Not only do they look so cute but golden hamsters and dwarf hamsters make fun housemates. So that they too can feel at home with us humans, there are a few things that we should keep in mind. The experts from Maxi Zoo have compiled a hamster ABC.

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