Mice and Rats

Sick mice

Mice are small but very robust little creatures which seldom become ill – but only when the cage hygiene, care and feeding are right. Those who keep tabs on their little rodents on a daily basis can tell very clearly whether everything’s OK with them. If mice appear apathetic, afflicted with rashes, or has diarrhoea you have to intervene and go to the vet.

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Rats as pets

If you look back a few hundred or a few thousand years, rodents scurrying around on the floor were not very popular and at certain times were accursed. Rats and mice were not usually differentiated – they were all the same. On the contrary, the Chinese have long since honoured the rat as a sign of the zodiac.

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rats and mice

Rats and mice

When people jump onto chairs shrieking with hysteria and looking down in fear, there’s often only one reason for it: a mouse has just scampered across the floor. Well, that’s how it is on the TV, at least. Their much bigger fellow beings, threats, also encounter much loathing. Their bad reputation as carriers of disease has become lodged in people’s minds since the middle ages. However, one man’s plague is another’s favourite pet.

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Popular mouse species

A tiny mouse hero has taken over the silver screen with the film adaptation of the children’s book “The Tale of Despereaux” by American author Kate DiCamillo. The animated comedy will inspire many adults and children to keep mice as pets, say the experts from Maxi Zoo. But what types of mice are there anyway and how do you look after them?

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Moving with rats and mice

A move is always a particular stress situation for people and animals.
You should take care that the move with small animals runs as smoothly as possible.

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Fancy mice

Fancy mice make very enterprising and inquisitive domestic comrades. It’s tremendous fun watching these little indoor climbing experts, gymnasts and masters of their art getting out of tight corners. However, they won’t be content on their own. Fancy mice need the company of their peers, to be happy. Because the little animals “breed like mice” you should only keep animals of the same sex.

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