Other Small animals

The Hedgehogs

All animal lovers are really pleased when a hedgehog comes to visit their garden. When winter is imminent, many people worry about whether the creature has enough winter fat and good conditions to survive the cold season in health. How and which ones to help is explained by the vets from Maxi Zoo. Hedgehogs are a specially protected species and may not simply be caught and put into confinement. Under the terms of the Wildlife Act, sick and injured animals are an exception. And motherless baby hedgehogs, which are obviously helpless, may also be cared for.

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Although actually a wild animal, the ferret has been tamed and bred by humans for thousands of years. The animal experts at Maxi Zoo know that for some years now this lively and inquisitive predator has also been very popular as a pet.

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If you want an animal to cuddle, a degu is probably not the pet for you. These lively, active rodents are better for observing than cuddling and for this reason alone are less suited to children. But if this doesn’t bother you, degus make great pets, bring energy and life into your home and can be observed for hours on end. With patience, they can become hand tame and can be touched and hand-fed. It is important to care for your degu properly so that they stay fit and healthy.

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Chipmunks are popular for more than just their beautiful striped backs – they are a popular pet and delight human fans with their lively, lovable character. To keep them happy, chipmunks need space and species-appropriate activity, as well as some peace and quiet during the winter months.

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A growing number of animal lovers are falling in love with this mostly grey, furry rodent with large, round ears and bushy tail. Not to be confused this with the chinchilla rabbit, which takes its name from the animal with the valuable fur because of its colour, the chinchilla is very different to other rodents. Chinchillas have an average lifespan of twelve years and can live to over 20. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo reveal more about this animal.

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