Understanding rabbit gestures

Who would have thought it? When a rabbit is just fiddling around by itself, it’s complaining that it’s bored! And when it stands up straight, that isn’t a sign of cockiness but a nosey look at the world around while sniffing the air. The experts at Maxi Zoo know exactly what rabbits want.

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Rabbit illness warning signs

They can’t tell us where it hurts and won’t let on for ages that it does. Due to this pet owners often only first notice an illness in their rabbits when it has reached its advanced stages. The vets from Maxi Zoo give advice on what to look out for and how to notice the first stages of an illness. If the animal is then taken to the vet, his chances of survival are good.

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Partnering rabbits

Rabbits live together in large groups in their natural habitat, which is why pet rabbits definitely require the company of members of their own species too. Getting rabbits used to each other does not always go according plan, because the animals can be very picky. The vets from Maxi Zoo explain why a partner is so important and the best way of putting the animals together.

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dwarf rabbits

Keeping Dwarf Rabbits healthy

These little bunnies are cute and cuddly and invite you to observe their behaviour and body language. As with other pets you should make sure you know just what dwarf rabbits need for their wellbeing. The experts from Maxi Zoo have put together the five most important points on this topic.

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Easter bunnies

On Easter Sunday small children will be wandering through the gardens in many areas… armed with baskets and in search of coloured eggs and other things the Easter Bunny may have hidden in the bushes. Imagine their great joy at finding a full Easter nest. The Easter Bunny tradition is still relatively young as the experts from Maxi Zoo know. But this particular bunny has nothing at all to do with the rabbits that we keep as house pets.

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Dwarf rabbits

In natural conditions, dwarf rabbits live in groups, digging warrens where they spend most their time when not feeding. This is where they raise their young. Rabbits move by hopping, using their long and powerful hind legs.

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Baby rabbits

The thought of silky soft fur, tiny paws and big eyes makes many rabbit owners clucky. But there are several important questions they need to ask themselves first – Do I have enough time? Can I find them good homes? Should there only be one litter? A doe is capable of breeding again just a few days after giving birth. This can quickly get out of control for inexperienced owners, so it is recommended you have the buck castrated after successful mating. Males can remain potent up to six weeks after castration, which means that strict gender segregation is a must.

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Aging rabbits

What do you anticipate from a pleasant retirement? Peace and quiet, cosiness, to be as healthy as possible? And that’s precisely what a rabbit should look forward to, say the experts from Maxi Zoo. With a few little everyday extras, you can see to it that its retirement days are a good time for your rabbit. Perhaps you won’t notice it in your rabbit at first glance but from the sixth or seventh year of its life, it will have become a senior and needs very special attention from you. You can only recognise health problems through keen observation and thus act before the creature becomes seriously ill.

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Agility for rabbits

Rabbits can be really snappy little hoppers. Jumping over little hurdles, creeping through tunnels and coursing through slaloms can all be really wicked fun for them. Agility for rabbits will get your pet going, prevent excess weight and make for an amusing activity. The creature’s enjoyment, however, should take absolute priority over the personal ambition of the rabbit’s owner – which is why it’s very important not to overdo it.

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Vet and vaccinations

Transport your bunny in a plastic carrier. This is more practical and hygienic than a wicker basket, the rabbit cage with bedding or carrying the rabbit on your arm. Leave the bedding at home and put a towel in the carrier instead. The towel can also be put on the vet’s examination table as it is often quite smooth and cold.

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Outside enclosures for rabbits

Rabbits love activity. No wonder they’re always racing around, jumping or burrowing in the wild. That’s why there’s nothing better than providing the little hoppers with an outside run during the summer months – with lots of opportunities for keeping busy. The animal experts from Maxi Zoo know what it’s about.

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