Cat Beds and Homes

A curled up, comfy, cosy sleeping cat is an iconic image, and with good reason! Cats require extensive and frequent sleep, enough so to coin the phrase “cat nap.”  Therefore, do not overlook the importance of creating the perfect environment that your pampered puss can enjoy.  Maxi Zoo carries a wide selection of beds and homes, including:

• Plush, walled beds in a variety of colours and fun, fashionable designs

• Tunnels and cat caves for those who prefer the extra sense of enclosure

• Radiator Beds and windowsill cushions for kitties in search of heat and sunshine naps

• Plus more!!!

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TIP #1

Cats like to their sleeping area to feel safe, warm and soft.

TIP #2

Cats sleep for about 2/3 of their life--If you slept that much you’d want a comfortable bed too!

TIP #3

A cup shaped cat bed could be perfect for your curled-up kitty.


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