Cat Foods and Treats

Maxi Zoo stocks a wide variety of both dry and wet foods to accommodate every cat’s unique needs.  Please speak with your local Maxi Zoo Pet Advisor regarding your cat’s breed, weight, activity levels, age, and general health.  We can assist in choosing the correct combination of dry food and wet food, as well as the occasional treats that kitty loves so much!  Visit your local Maxi Zoo to take advantage of our:

  • Extensive assortment that fits any budget
  • Personalized advice from our Maxi Zoo Pet Advisors
  • Breed and health specific foods
  • Plus more!!!


Call into your local store today to discuss your cat’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts



TIP #1

Did you know cats can’t taste sweetness? So don’t treat your kitty to any human treats!

TIP #2

Most cats don’t drink enough water, so wet food can aid in hydration.

TIP #3

Cats need protein, Taurine (an amino acid), vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and water, but do not require carbohydrates.

TIP #4

Substandard cat foods can cause problems. Feeding your cat cheaper foods for many years will contribute (or even cause) serious medical conditions. Spending a little extra on food can eliminate costly veterinary care!


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