Cats On the Go

Cats are quite independent, and those with outdoor access are often eager to utilize their freedom many times a day.  A Cat flap is a perfect solution to make this possible without the “open the door for me again please” dance!  Other times, such as vet visits and holidays, it’s the owner requiring that the cat leaves the house.  Transport boxes allow this to be done safely and comfortably.  We offer therefore:

• Cat flaps and doors for easy access

• Magnetic collar keys for personalized flap usage

Transport boxes and carriers in numerous sizes, designs and colours.

• Plus more!!!

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  • Karlie

  • Savic

  • Staywell


TIP #1

Isaac Newton invented the cat flap!

TIP #2

If you’re travelling by aeroplane, check the airline regulations for the allowed size of transport box before you buy one

TIP #3

To avoid unwanted guests when using a cat flap, you may want to consider a magnetic cat door. Your feline must wear a magnetic tag in order for the door to unlock.

TIP #4

Cats may need gentle coaxing to get used to a cat flap or to enter a transport box. Try using their favourite treats as a convincing persuasion!


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