Cat Scratching Trees and Boards

Cats love to scratch! This behaviour can mean a few things to the cat – exercise, claw care, marking, or simply stretching.  Indoor only cats especially MUST be provided with scratching material, or they will create their own – most likely from your furniture!  Maxi Zoo has options to fit all households:

• Cardboard scratchers for an affordable and quick solution

• Scratching boards to place on walls and corners

• Cat trees ranging from knee high all the way to the highest ceilings!

• Plus more!!!

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  • Karlie


TIP #1

Scratching trees are vital in keeping cats’ nails in good condition. Scratching does not sharpen the claws, but instead helps peel off old layers of nail to make way for the new ones.

TIP #2

Sisal is a type of thick, durable rope, and most cats prefer sisal covered scratching posts.

TIP #3

If your cat is scratching a piece of furniture, place the new scratching item next to this so an alternative is readily available.

TIP #4

Scratching trees should be stable for cats to feel comfortable, ensure that you anchor your tall posts with the ceiling and wall connects provided


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