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My pet is a star

The ins and outs of animal modelling

Spending time with your pet pal is great to strengthen your bond.  A fun activity that you can research is pet modelling!  Wouldn’t you be proud to see your four-legged friend celebrated across a billboard in all their furry cuteness? Or see them look back at you from a magazine advertisement for pet food? Or show what they can do in a film or television show? Many pet owners love to show the world how cute or talented their pet is, and animal modelling is taking off for exactly this reason. There is nothing wrong with giving it a go, as long as the work is serious and your dog or cat feels completely at ease in his or her own fur. Never put your own interests and ambitions above the wellbeing of your pet. But if your four-legged friend enjoys it, then go for it!

How can you tell if your dog has star potential

Firstly, your pet should have an extroverted personality, enjoy being the centre of attention and not shy about approaching strangers. Dogs that love performing tricks and the applause of an audience have good chances. They should also be able to perform their tricks in a distractive environment and display a good basic obedience. A good place to practice this is a dog club or somewhere with external stimuli that your dog is not used to. Canines should be easy to motivate (at best with a clicker or treats) and enthusiastic learners.

What is the best way to tell if a casting session is serious

Firstly, that you are not just asked to send in a photo or video of your pet, but that you (and your pet!) are invited for a personal meeting. Here, experts can see it your dog is suitable for the job and have a look at what they can do. Never go to a photo shoot or TV job without having been briefed beforehand. You should know in advance what to expect and be sure that your dog or cat really is the right animal for the job. Having a trainer to accompany and instruct you is a good sign. And very importantly: never pay a cent! Serious casting sessions don’t cost anything!

Where do you find out about casting sessions

Online, in pet magazines or at large pet exhibitions are some ways to find out what is out there. Another option is to contact an animal modelling agency, where you can register your photogenic or camera-friendly pet. And who knows, maybe your four-legged friend will soon be a celebrity!

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