Dogs – All Things Toilet

House training your dog is a vital process that perfectly encompasses the most important elements of owner-canine relationships:  trust, respectful dominance, encouragement, and patience.  Even outdoor-only dogs require guidance in what areas are allowed and prohibited for their business.  Toilet issues aren’t restricted to the home or yard only either, as ignoring your dogs’ soiling during a walk is considered a finable littering offense.  Maxi Zoo has solutions for all aspects of the messier side of dog ownership:

• Housetraining pads and sprays to aid in those first steps

• Stain removers, odour control and repellents for unwanted markings

• Scoops and lawn care products to keep your property clean

• Bags and bag carriers for walks

• Plus more!!!

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  • Beaphar

  • Johnsons

  • Karlie

  • MC

  • Pet Life

  • Savic

  • Simple Solution

  • Vapet


TIP #1

Don’t try to remove urine stains with hot water, heat makes it worse.

TIP #2

Don’t punish your dog if does his business in the wrong place, this just confuses him. Treat your dog when he complies with your wishes. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative!

TIP #3

Dog urine can turn grass yellow; however Maxi Zoo has a variety of products that can aid with this problem.


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