Dog Transport Accessories

Dogs are a well-travelled animal, both of their own accord as well as because of the owner’s needs.   A dog flap is a perfect solution to allow indoor/outdoor dogs freedom of movement without the “open the door for me again please” dance!  Other times, such as vet visits and holidays, it’s the owner requiring that the dog leaves the house.  Transport boxes allow this to be done safely and comfortably.  Dogs are also no strangers to cars, and to ensure safety and comfort certain precautions should be taken.   We offer therefore:

• Car safety belts, window grills, and seat covers for clean and comfy travel

• Ramps to aid older or injured dogs into cars or up house stairs.

• Dog flaps and doors to allow easy access from indoors to out.

• Transport Boxes in a variety of sizes and styles, for all travelling needs.

• Plus more!!!

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  • Karlie

  • Savic

  • Staywell

  • Stefanplast


TIP #1

Ramps are ideal for getting bigger and older dogs in and out of the car.

TIP #2

When buying a dog flap, to avoid unwanted guests you may want to consider a magnetic dog door. Your pup must wear a magnetic tag in order for the door to unlock.

TIP #3

Measure your dog before buying a transport box, and allow some extra room for your dog to turn around and lie down.

TIP #4

Collapsible transport boxes save space and are easily transported.

TIP #5

Transport boxes help keep your dog safe and your car clean.


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