Dog Grooming

Most dogs love to get dirty, and some intentionally seek out the muddiest area possible for a good earthy roll!  While it’s natural and healthy to allow your dog these opportunities, it’s important to clean them after.  Regular bathing can prevent vermin, and flea baths and combs can aid when an infestation begins.  Your dog’s coat can matt and become damaged without proper care.  Maxi Zoo pet advisors can help fulfil your personalised grooming needs through our excellent selection of:

• Grooming brushes and combs for all doggy hair types

• Shampoos that range from all• purpose to highly specialized, such as our white/black dog formulas and puppy shampoos

• Wipes, sprays, and shampoos for odour control

• Scissors, clippers and trimmers for hair and nail trimmings

• Ear, eye, paw and nose care products with beauty and health benefits

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your dog’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts



  • Beaphar

  • Bob Martin

  • Byotrol

  • Furminator

  • Johnsons

  • Karlie

  • MC


TIP #1

You should brush your dog every day to remove knots, dirt and spreading the natural oils.

TIP #2

Grooming also allows you to check for fleas and ticks.

TIP #3

When bathing your dog, make sure you don’t get shampoo in his eyes or ears, it could lead to an infection.

TIP #4

Never brush your dog’s teeth with human toothpaste, it’ll make them sick! Get a special one for dogs.

TIP #5

Dental treats are the perfect way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and strong.


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