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Vet FAQ- Dog hygiene & bath

How often can I give my dog a bath without problems?

I have a 3 year old West Highland terrier who likes to roll around in all types of dirt. How often can I give my dog a bath without problems?

You can wash your dog with pure water on a daily basis. As West Highland terriers have very sensitive skin due to their white colouration, you should be careful when bathing with shampoo. But almost all dogs can handle a full bath with a special dog shampoo once or twice a month without problems. Be careful when washing that no water or shampoo enters the ears or eyes. If possible, leave the head out of a full bath. Clean the ears only with special ear cleaners and only use them to clean the outer ear. The special structure of dog ears means that cleaning the inner ear must be left to a vet. It is important to blow-dry the dog well after the bath or allow him to dry completely in a warm room until taking him outside.


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