Reptile Bowls & Feeders

Reptile bowls can be as uniquely different as the species themselves!  Differing animal needs require personalized solutions; for example, an excitable Beardy may need a heavier bowl to prevent tipping it over.  Maxi Zoo understands that both functionality and fashion requirements are different for everyone.  Call in today to see our selection of:

Feeding and watering dishes cleverly designed to blend into a natural looking environment

• Vibrating dish create the illusion of live food

• Cricket and bug accessories to aid the live feeders

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your reptile’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts


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TIP #1

Your reptile should have separate bowls for their food and water.

TIP #2

Reptiles don’t drink water as frequently as some pets, but clean water should still always be available. Water bowls should be cleaned and changed daily.

TIP #3

Try a heavy based ceramic bowl if your Repti insists on knocking their supplies over.

TIP #4

Keep dishes clear from under climbing objects.


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