Reptile Vivariums & Terrariums

Of all the Reptile equipment out there these days, the one item that you positively cannot go without is the terrarium!  Reptile homes range from tiny and budget friendly, to as large and luxurious as you can imagine.  Maxi Zoo caters for all enthusiasts with our selection of:

• Small terrariums for minimal housing needs

• Larger Terrariums for the larger breeds or multiple animal homes

• Smaller plastic units for temporary housing during cleans, etc., or for transport.

• Plus more!!!


  • Hagen


TIP #1

The more space, the better!! Consider how large your reptile will grow before buying his new home.

TIP #2

If your reptile likes to stretch out on the tank floor, look for a long shallow tank. For the climbers however, a tall narrow tank is better suited.

TIP #3

Ensure that the glass of your terrarium is very strong – you don’t want any escapees, and your reptile doesn’t want any drafts!


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