Reptile Functioning Decorations

Whether you have a moisture lover or a desert creature, a glass terrarium is a far cry from a reptile’s natural habitat.  Decorations are vital in creating somewhere authentic that your scaly friend can settle into.   Decorations can do more than just look good however; many these days also cleverly function in a way to enhance your scaly friend’s life! Maxi Zoo carries everything you need for both aesthetics and practicality, including:

• Foggers and Waterfalls to increase humidity

• Heating rocks for a natural looking basking spot

• Caves, Rocks and Corner cabins with holes and shady spots, to allow your Repti to get away from it all!

• Plus more!!!

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TIP #1

Reptiles hide due to a strong instinct to stay clear of predators. If they have no hiding spots they can become stressed over this, even without a predator present.

TIP #2

Try setting up a hidey hole in both a warm and cool spot, so your reptile has a choice of where to go no matter what they’re temperature needs at any time.

TIP #3

Foggers help create the illusion of natural early morning jungle dew, and can benefit both animal and plant life in your terrarium


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